Our First Campaign

The Lost Gnome

Our heroes have finally entered true goblin territory. The swarms of goblins have, so far, fallen before our mighty adventurers.

In one of the rooms on the way to retrieve the kobolds welpling, they found a trio of poorly treated kolbolds and one haggard gnome.

After providing them with some timely information on the ultimate goals of their quest, Erky Timbers is finally on his way back home.

The Giant She-Rat

After some exploring a few set backs, our group of heroes has made a truce with the kobolds inhabiting the Sunless Citadel.

With the guidance of Meepo, they have begun exploring the halls and chambers of the sunken keep. Though the only dangers they’ve really encountered have been groups of dire rats, the group found themselves tested again the Mother of Rats, Guthash.

The party’s rogue was incapacitated during the fighting, but with the heroic efforts of the fighter, paladin, and druid no one was wounded seriously and the massive rat was put down.

Now they must find the kobold’s dragon whelp and continue to find the source of the apples the goblins have been providing to the village above.

The Beginning

Near the small village of Oakhurst rumors have existed for generations of a fortress, sunken into the earth. Down the Old Road one can find the ruins that of what was once a mighty citadel. Rumored to have belonged to a dragon cult of the Ashardalon.

Different reasons have brought you together, but they all revolve around the fortress known as THE SUNLESS CITADEL.

Together you must try to find the source of the power and mystery surrounding this former home of great terror.


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